About us.

iTerra Consulting Inc.® develops innovative automation solutions for Oracle Enterprise Business Suite (EBS) of Applications. Our goal is to provide intuitive and efficient tools to migrate AOL/FND objects for EBS customizations and upgrades. Migration process known to be resource and time consuming - finally becomes efficient and reliable with the use of this automation tool.

Watch Migration LogiK™ in action. GUI for FNDLOAD.

FNDLOAD GUI - a productivity tool, is now available.

Start with the following questions:

    - Could you verify the results of Oracle EBS migration and still maintaining restricted access to UAT/PROD?
    - Does your migration process can be easily reapplied?
    - Could you provide report of the customized objects or search all objects customized by any user?
    - Could you build your migration without technical skills?
    - Could you share your activity with your team members?
    - Is there easily accessible logs of migrated objects?
    - Does preparation of migration objects and processes take less than 10 minutes ?

It is safe to assume that very few companies can really answer YES to all of these questions.

It is what we do. We automate FNDLOAD - and EBS migrations.